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Our Services

Secure Network Solution

Internet Bandwidth

Data Communication Service

About Us

Comilla Online started its operations in October 2008, with an ambitious but reachable goal to provide people with an easy, faster and affordable way to get Internet. Today, Comilla Onlineis a multifaceted Service Provider offering, ISP services for both corporate and home, Corporate solutions, VPN service and operates a 24/7 state-of-the-art Customer Support Centre with the help of updated technology and dedicated support service.


Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by producing the most technically advanced product with the best quality, on-time delivery and service. Our Policy is to continuously improve our products and services to deliver solutions of the highest value thereby providing competitive advantage to our customers.


We at Comilla Online accomplish this through our team efforts and by using innovative state of the art technology in all of our products. Comilla Online is committed to develop human resources to maintain its pioneering and leadership position.


Our Products


Main Product Line of the Company:


  • Intranet & Data Connectivity Provider
  • Internet Service
  • Wireless Wireless and LAN/WAN Network Integrator
  • Wired and Wireless Data, Voice and Video communication
  • Computer Hardware & Software Installations
  • Domain Registration & Web Site Deign
  • Virus Solution with Kaspersky
  • Video Conference
  • CCTV & IP Camera with CMS

Our Safety & Security Services:


We operate in a market-focused environment,
delivering products and services with a commitment of our customer.
Our Company believes after service with customer satisfaction.
Our title word Solution of your safety & security. Our services are below:


  • Access Control
  • Time Attendance
  • Car Park Control
  • Turnstile Barrier
  • Auto Gate
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Water Sprinkler
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Rated Door
  • Gas Suppression ( FM 200, CO2)
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarm-Panic Alarm
  • PA (public Address)
  • Safety & Security Film
  • Mattel Detector
  • Panic Exit Bar
  • PABX
  • Water Detection
  • Emergency Light
  • Fire Exit Sign
  • Proximity ID Card & Accessories.




Our POP List

POP ID 101
POP Address Gulshan
POP ID 102
POP Address Banani
POP ID 103
POP Address Uttara
POP ID 104
POP Address East Raza Bazar
POP ID 105
POP Address Mohammadpur

POP ID 106
POP Address North Kafrul
POP ID 107
POP Address Lalmatia
POP ID 108
POP Address Dhokhin khan
POP ID 109
POP Address Turag Uttara
POP ID 110
POP Address Ghatail

POP ID 111
POP Address Kalihati, Tangail
POP ID 112
POP Address Feni Sadar, Feni
POP ID 113
POP Address Nilphamari Sadar
POP ID 114
POP Address Dinajpur
POP ID 115
POP Address Rangamati

POP ID 116
POP Address Narsingdi
POP ID 117
POP Address Thakurgaon
POP ID 118
POP Address Rajshahi.
POP ID 119
POP Address Cox’s Bazar
POP ID 120
POP Address Chandpur

POP ID 121
POP Address Comilla-3500
POP ID 122
POP Address Panchagarh
POP ID 123
POP Address Sirajgonj-6770
POP ID 124
POP Address Jessore
POP ID 125
POP Address Pirojpur Sadar

POP ID 126
POP Address Gopalgonj
POP ID 127
POP Address Brahmanbaria
POP ID 128
POP Address Natore
POP ID 129
POP Address Panchagar
POP ID 130
POP Address Chandpur,

POP ID 131
POP Address Faridpur
POP ID 132
POP Address Faridpur
POP ID 133
POP Address Mymenshigh
POP ID 134
POP Address Rajbari
POP ID 135
POP Address Chapainawabgaog

POP ID 136
POP Address Jessore.
POP ID 137
POP Address Rangpur
POP ID 138
POP Address Rangpur
POP ID 139
POP Address Khagrachori Sadar
POP ID 140
POP Address Magura

POP ID 141
POP Address Mymensingh
POP ID 142
POP Address Satkhira
POP ID 143
POP Address Notore Sadar
POP ID 144
POP Address Jessore

Contact Us


Suit#D2, House#15, Road#07, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1213
HELP LINE:01730306161




HELP LINE:08169549, 01730306162