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Our Services

Secure Network Solution


Internet Bandwidth

About Us

Comilla Online started its operations in October 2008, with an ambitious but reachable goal to provide people with an easy, faster and affordable way to get Internet. Today, Comilla Onlineis a multifaceted Service Provider offering, ISP services for both corporate and home, Corporate solutions, VPN service and operates a 24/7 state-of-the-art Customer Support Centre with the help of updated technology and dedicated support service.


Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by producing the most technically advanced product with the best quality, on-time delivery and service. Our Policy is to continuously improve our products and services to deliver solutions of the highest value thereby providing competitive advantage to our customers.


We at Comilla Online accomplish this through our team efforts and by using innovative state of the art technology in all of our products. Comilla Online is committed to develop human resources to maintain its pioneering and leadership position.


Our Products

Main Product Line of the Company:


  • Intranet & Data Connectivity Provider
  • Internet Service
  • Wireless Wireless and LAN/WAN Network Integrator
  • Wired and Wireless Data, Voice and Video communication
  • Computer Hardware & Software Installations
  • Domain Registration & Web Site Deign
  • Virus Solution with Kaspersky
  • Video Conference
  • CCTV & IP Camera with CMS

Our Safety & Security Services:


We operate in a market-focused environment,
delivering products and services with a commitment of our customer.
Our Company believes after service with customer satisfaction.
Our title word Solution of your safety & security. Our services are below:


  • Access Control
  • Time Attendance
  • Car Park Control
  • Turnstile Barrier
  • Auto Gate
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Water Sprinkler
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Rated Door
  • Gas Suppression ( FM 200, CO2)
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarm-Panic Alarm
  • PA (public Address)
  • Safety & Security Film
  • Mattel Detector
  • Panic Exit Bar
  • PABX
  • Water Detection
  • Emergency Light
  • Fire Exit Sign
  • Proximity ID Card & Accessories.

List of Existing POP’s:


A) Dhaka


  • Mirpur
  • Motijhee
  • Mohakhali
  • Dhanmondi
  • Uttara
  • Gulshan
  • Banani


B) Comilla


  • Jhawtala
  • Export Processing Zone (EPZ, Comilla)
  • Bakhrabad Gas System Ltd.
  • Kandirpar
  • Tomson Bridge
  • BARD


C) Chandpur


  • Notun Bazar
  • Hotel Prince


D) Jessore

  • RN Road


E) Chittagong


  • GEC More

Our POP List

POP ID 101
Contact Md. Syful Islam, 01730306169
Latitude 23.7787285
Longitude 90.4141022
POP Address House No-15,Road No-7, Flat No-D2,Gulshan-1,Dhaka-1212


POP ID 102
Contact Md. Rafiqul Islam,01812222449
Latitude 23.781001
Longitude 90.4071888
POP Address G.P.Ja-63, Road# 02, Wirelessgate,, Mohakhali, Banani, Dhaka, PO : 1213


POP ID 103
Contact Mr.Panna,01872625902
Latitude 23.875432
Longitude 90.391515
POP Address House # 50, Road # 3, Sector # 11, Uttara,Dhaka-1230


POP ID 104
Contact Md.Yeasin Sakrer,01720254676
Latitude 23.7546388
Longitude 90.382503
POP Address 69, East Raza Bazar,Dhaka


POP ID 105
Contact Rasel Ahmed,01671081687
Latitude 23.45487
Longitude 90.2131
POP Address 24/A,Tajmohol Road,Block-C,Mohammadpur,Dhaka- 1207

POP ID 106
Contact Belal Ahmed,01771081687
Latitude 23.47216
Longitude 90.2305
POP Address 597/2, North Kafrul,Dhaka


POP ID 107
Contact Rasel Ahmed,01671081687
Latitude 23.45245
Longitude 90.22034
POP Address 8/3,block,B,Lalmatia,Dhaka-1207


POP ID 108
Contact Fakhrul Islam, 01613145602
Latitude 23.975269
Longitude 91.111955
POP Address Afil Uddin Market, Matir Masjid Road, Chalabondh,Dhokhin khan, Dhaka- 1230


POP ID 109
Contact Joyanti Rani Das,01745552221
Latitude 23.5138.8
Longitude 90.2323.6
POP Address House # 6, Road # Sher-E-bangala Avenue, Block#B Dolipara, Turag Uttara, Dhaka


POP ID 110
Contact Md. Milon,01717936470
Latitude 24.28497
Longitude 89.582443
POP Address Bus Stand, Ghatail, Tangail

POP ID 111
Contact Md. Shamim Mia,01680039122
Latitude 24.232286
Longitude 89.594588
POP Address Bus Stand, Kalihati, Tangail


POP ID 112
Contact Mr.Rony,01671784468
Latitude 22.938288
Longitude 91.303063
POP Address Academic Somod Building (2nd Floor), Feni Sadar, Feni


POP ID 113
Contact Rezwanul Mobarak,01730438820
Latitude 25.932733
Longitude 88.853816
POP Address 1st Floor,More, Nilphamari Sadar


POP ID 114
Contact Md. Rashidul Alam (Shahin),: 01712542125
Latitude 25.615574
Longitude 88.644043
POP Address Newtown Bazar, Sadar, Dinajpur


POP ID 115
Contact Kajal Chandra Debnath,01727895569
Latitude 22.654983
Longitude 92.175084
POP Address Gausia Market (2 nd floor), New Court Building, Rangamati

POP ID 116
Contact Md.Delwar Hossain,01799496307
Latitude 23.927245
Longitude 90.706041
POP Address Bashail,Narsingdi Sadar,Narsingdi


POP ID 117
Contact Reza Mohhammad Samsuzzoha (Ripon),01990000199
Latitude 26.030397
Longitude 88.463255
POP Address Shop no-66, Amader Bazar (1 st Floor),Shahid Mahammed Ali Road,Thakurgaon


POP ID 118
Contact Md.Saddam Hossain,01721930821
Latitude 24.366235
Longitude 88.597466
POP Address Pouro Biponi Market (1st Floor), Moni chattar, Shahebbazar, Rajshahi.


POP ID 119
Contact Ali Akber,01719322533
Latitude 21.410591
Longitude 91.987567
POP Address Shopno Bilash Holiday Suites,Plot 28,Block A, Kalatali R/A,Cox’s Bazar


POP ID 120
Contact Md. Didar Patwari, 01819483883
Latitude 23.226809
Longitude 90.950699
POP Address M.K Vila , Word No -2, Shahrasti Gate, Shahrasti,Chandpur

POP ID 121
Contact Md. Toriqul Islam, 01730073910
Latitude 23.4634038
Longitude 91.177192
POP Address 333,Jhawtala (G.W Floor),Comilla-3500


POP ID 122
Contact Ahmmed Karim,01716646577
Latitude 26.335878
Longitude 88.563096
POP Address Jalashi, Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh


POP ID 123
Contact Md. Mahmudunnabi,01730940505
Latitude 24.1755454
Longitude 89.5966357
POP Address Monirampur Bazar, Shahzadpur, Sirajgonj-6770.


POP ID 124
Contact Md.Noor Hossain Sagar,01912310128
Latitude 23.101198
Longitude 89.10029
POP Address Tokeyo Tower,2nd Floor,Jhikargacha Bus stand,jhikargacha,Jessore.


POP ID 125
Contact Mr. Edris,01712741721
Latitude 22.579158
Longitude 89.968675
POP Address Jahanara Monjil, Shohit Selim para, Pirojpur Sadar

POP ID 126
Contact Hasan Molla,01551604780
Latitude 23.008562
Longitude 89.830094
POP Address MR Plaza Lavel 5 Churangi, Gopalgonj


POP ID 127
Contact zakirul haque,01822027775
Latitude 23.975269
Longitude 91.111955
POP Address Cord Road (Opposite of F.A Tower) Brahmanbaria


POP ID 128
Contact Mr. Sentu,01711902244
Latitude 24.290716
Longitude 89.082157
POP Address R.S Market, 2nd Floor,Malipara Road,Boraigram,Natore


POP ID 129
Contact Md.Monzurul Islam,01718220409
Latitude 26.120549
Longitude 88.759138
POP Address Debigonj Bazar, Debigonj,Panchagar


POP ID 130
Contact Abu Sayed Farrukh Ahmed,01715764445
Latitude 23.252603
Longitude 90.753795
POP Address RS Trade Center (1 st Floor), Station Road, Mohamaya Bazar, Chandpur,

POP ID 131
Contact Syed arifuzzaman,01712783677
Latitude 23.386104
Longitude 89.680176
POP Address M/S Abdul Khayer Electronics, College Road, Alfadanga, Faridpur


POP ID 132
Contact Azad Khan,01715109073
Latitude 23.562707
Longitude 90.005732
POP Address Upjela porishod Market, 1st Floor,Chorvodrason Bazar, Faridpur


POP ID 133
Contact Awal Ali Mintu,01712213432
Latitude 24.75719
Longitude 90.400526
POP Address 12, bawndari Road,2nd Floor, Mymenshigh


POP ID 134
Contact Mr. Mihir,01711289057
Latitude 23.756603
Longitude 89.645393
POP Address Hirok Mansion (3rd Floor), Main Road, Rajbari Sadar, Rajbari.


POP ID 135
Contact Motahar hossain,01716261324
Latitude 24.597595
Longitude 88.271437
POP Address Holding No-38, Word No-2, Jhilim Road, Chapainawabgaog sadar, Chapainawabgaog

POP ID 136
Contact Md.Mahamudul Islam,0713660663
Latitude 23.1653772
Longitude 89.2124382
POP Address Jess Tower,3rd Floor,38 M.K Road, Jessore.


POP ID 137
Contact Mr. Khorshed,01770640738
Latitude 25.4169736
Longitude 89.3097398
POP Address Projapara,Thana Road,Pirgong, Rangpur


POP ID 138
Contact Md.Masud Rana,01720554075
Latitude 25.664285
Longitude 89.35796
POP Address High School Road, Foto Vision Studio, Post: Madrasha sayeedpur,Pirgacha,Rangpur


POP ID 139
Contact prodesh Atharzee,01820719593
Latitude 23.106829
Longitude 91.982688
POP Address Ticader Somoti, Plot No : 4,Vanga Brizde ,Cort Road, Khagrachori Sadar


POP ID 140
Contact Md.Shahalam,01991184108
Latitude 23.488983
Longitude 89.416546
POP Address 145, College Para ,Magura

POP ID 141
Contact Mr. Emran,01711716651
Latitude 24.4049
Longitude 90.3859
POP Address All Modina Shoping Complex,2nd Floor, Harirbari,Bhaluka,Mymensingh


POP ID 142
Contact Md. Asikur Rahman,: 01707143431
Latitude 22.5091804
Longitude 89.0114339
POP Address 1st Floor,Rajib Super Market,Choumohoni Nalta Shorif,Kaligonj ,Satkhira


POP ID 143
Contact Md.Anisul Islam,01711837555
Latitude 24.414252
Longitude 88.986533
POP Address House No-10,Pilkhana Road,Notore Sadar


POP ID 144
Contact Md.Biplop Hassain,0172091768
Latitude 23.0458586
Longitude 88.9058143
POP Address : Vill: Benapol, Post: Benapol, Thana: Shasra, Dist: Jessore

Contact Us


Suit#D2, House#15, Road#07, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1213
HELP LINE:01730306161




HELP LINE:08169549, 01730306162